Why choose Roding Estates for mortgage advice?

Guide to buying a property in London

Roding Estates offers in-house mortgage advice and recommendation services on products offered by all top lenders to suit your goals and financial circumstances.

Whether you are an experienced or first-time buyer, would like to remortgage a property you already own or planning for a buy-to-let investment, we will assist you every step of the way by providing the highest level professional service.

  • We offer free, no obligation, consultation
  • We listen carefully to your needs so we can provide advice on the product most suitable for you
  • We have access to thousands of products from many lenders
  • We can obtain your mortgage ‘agreement in principle’ even before you make an offer
  • We deal with lenders on your behalf so everything from paperwork to negotiation is stress-free for you
  • We are dedicated to give you recommendations that will be in your best interests
  • We are flexible to work around your schedule, so it is entirely up to you if you want to pop in our office for mortgage advice, chat over the phone or arrange for our broker to see you at a place most convenient for you


Property Management

Roding Estates offers property management services to make letting your property hassle-free. Our in-house management team is reliable and resourceful to deal with day-to-day property issues so you don’t have to.

If you lead a busy life or live abroad and wish to choose for us to manage your property, here is a step-by-step guide of what we will do to rent it out and look after it:

  • prepare the property in order to make it look appealing to a large scale of potential tenants by furnishing and decorating, if necessary
  • our team will take photographs, produce floor plans and arrange for an EPC to be issued if you don’t already have one in place (required by law to have one in place before letting your property and will be valid for 10 years)
  • we will then advertise your property on our website and on major property sales portals where it will be seen by thousands of potential tenants
  • conduct viewings at a time most convenient for you (8 am to 9 pm on weekdays and 8 am to 6 pm on Saturdays)
  • once we have received offers for your property from potential tenants, we will evaluate them by collecting references to make sure they can afford the rent and to minimise the risk of missed payments in the future
  • a ‘Tenancy Agreement’ is drafted and we arrange for both parties to sign it, we will collect moving in monies from your new tenant which is usually rent and deposit
  • once the tenant moves into their new home, our management team will be on call 24/7 to maintain the property and resolve any problems that may arise to minimise any discomfort for them and to make sure you receive your rental income on time.

Wills and Probate


It’s never nice to think about death but, along with taxes, it is unfortunately an eventuality. When you pass, it is important to have a clear and concise will in place to ensure that your assets are dealt with correctly. If you don’t have a will or want to change an existing one, contact Roding Estates today who will take you through the quick and easy process, for the fixed price of £150 (depending on the will’s complexity).

  • your passing is likely to be a stressful enough time for your family, you will not want to leave them with the stress and burden of dealing with your estate
  • without a will the law decides how your estate is passed on and this might not be in line with your wishes
  • a will can help reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax that might be payable on the value of the property and money you leave behind
  • Writing a will is especially important if you have children or other family who depend on you financially, or if you want to leave something to people outside your immediate family


Applying for probate is applying for the legal right to deal with someone’s property, money and possessions.

Losing a loved one is hard enough, not to mention the added stress of dealing with their affairs once they are gone. At Roding Estates, we offer a professional and sensitive service to those worried about dealing with the legal requirements of probate.

We offer a free initial consultation and can meet at a time and place convenient to you to discuss your needs and concerns. We will also agree a fixed fee with you before any work is commenced so you know the cost upfront, with no hidden surprises.

It is especially important to speak to a probate specialist when;

  • The value of the estate is over the Inheritance Tax threshold (the 2018/19 tax year is £325,000) and the estate is still earning a regular income where there are complicated taxes due
  • The deceased died without a will and it’s a complicated estate to administer
  • There are doubts about the validity of the will
  • The deceased had dependents who were deliberately left out of the will, but who might want to make a claim on the estate
  • The estate has complex arrangements, such as assets held in a trust
  • The estate is bankrupt (also known as insolvent)
  • There are doubts that the estate is bankrupt
  • The estate includes foreign property or foreign assets
  • The deceased resided outside the UK for tax purposes